When Will The Iphone 6S Come Out and What Changes It Has

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UnlockiPhone – When will the iPhone 6s come out can be found inside this article. For your information, iPhone 6s is the ninth-generation iPhone that is being hot topics among iPhone users all over the world. The manufacturer and owner, Apple, proudly will present this new iPhone generation on September 9, 2015. Apple will announce this lovely and fresh iPhone at Hey Siri event in San Francisco. Moreover, Apple also claims that the cover of 6s may be similar with the iPhone 6, but it is changed everything inside its beautiful body. Let’s see how much the change that Apple gave to 6s so far.

When Will The Iphone 6S Come Out and What Changes It Has

When Will The Iphone 6S Come Out
When Will The Iphone 6S Come Out | Image Source : goo.gl/pu21n2


Now, you have already known when will the iPhone 6s come out. Next, it is time to give a brief overview about the magical features of iPhone 6s for you all our readers. As Apple mentioned before, the looks of iPhone 6s may be similar and even the same with the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. There is the same 4.7 inches of 6s Retina display as the main compartment. For your information, the iPhone 6s Plus has larger screen at 5.5 inches in the lineup. What makes them different is located on the hardware inside the phone. There are new improved camera, processor, vibration, material, and many more.


Starting from the material, the iPhone 6s is covered with a 7000 Series aluminum alloy. The only reason why Apple puts this in the 6s is to provide more strength and durability rather than the previous generation, which uses 6000 Series all the way. The 6s is also supported by stronger glass. It doesn’t only enhance the durability, but also the looks of 6s itself. The dual ion exchange process is the material of the glass. Lastly, the manufacturer also introduced new aluminum finish to the lineup called Rose Gold. Its elegant design suits with other color options like Silver, Gold, and Space Gray.

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Knowing when will the iPhone 6s come out isn’t enough if you don’t know the processor inside the new 6s. As promised recently, Apple uses the next generation of Touch ID module. It is able to provide the fingerprint detection faster twice times than before. In addition, it also gets the helps from the 64-bit A9 processor so that the CPU and GPU are increased more than fifty percent than previous gen with its A8 processor. Hey Siri is also always on now. Thanks to the built-in M9 motion coprocessor.


Apple repeats their habit to improve the camera when it is dealing with “S” iPhone models, and it happens when will the iPhone 6s come out. Gone is 8-megapixel camera and we should welcome the higher and more capable 12-megapixel camera to the lineup. As a result, the color accuracy is enhanced as well as the autofocus speed. However, the iPhone 6s doesn’t have Optical Image Stabilization that belongs to its brother, iPhone 6s Plus. In addition, the phone also supports 4K video resolution at 30 FPS. Overall, the new improvements can come anywhere. It isn’t only at the look, but also from everything that we can’t see.

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