What Is The Newest Iphone Called iPhone 8 or iPhone 7s?

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UnlockiPhone – What Is The Newest Iphone Called is the new question that comes out from all smartphone enthusiasts all over the world. As we know, the newest iPhone is going to be released by Apple nearly in 2017. Some rumors have already been spreading out through the internet. One sure thing is that the newest iPhone called whether or not iPhone 8 or iPhone 7s. This thing is still a hot topic and debatable among the writers, fans, customers and everyone who is looking for the confirmation from Apple. This article may shed some light for you about it hopefully.

What Is The Newest Iphone Called iPhone 8 or iPhone 7s?

What Is The Newest Iphone Called
What Is The Newest Iphone Called | Image Source : digitaltrends.com

iPhone 8 or iPhone 7s or other else?

First off, we are going to answer the question, what is the newest iPhone called. This is pretty obvious to see that Apple won’t use 7s for the 2017’s iPhone. The first reason is that 7s may be too simply and even too awesome for a new iPhone since Apple is promising a revolutionary iPhone that all iPhone enthusiasts are waiting for so far. Hence, Apple may use something remarkable rather than just 7s. Secondly, this is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. It would be too predictive for us if Apple just did call it 7s and even iPhone 8. Otherwise, some rumors say that it is going to be iPhone X. it is such a big and huge anniversary for both company and the smartphone themselves.

Of course, it is pretty sure that Apple won’t use the usual pattern for the big anniversary. What is the newest iPhone called is really up to this big smartphone manufacturer surely. In fact, there are too many rumors at the moment. It is difficult for us to pick a stand on those rumors. Some call it iPhone SE (Special Edition), and others call it iPhone Pro.

When Will It Come?

The next question after we know some names of what is the newest iPhone called is when this new iPhone come. The answer can be confidently predicted through when the iPhone annual anniversary. Based on the trusted site, the next iPhone will come in the end of 2017. The exact date is September, 2017. This is based on the annual anniversary. For some reasons, it can delay until November. The latest news reports that the 3D camera issue got a supply problem. To secure it, we choose the range between September until November, 2017.

What Is The Newest Iphone Called iPhone 8 or iPhone 7s
What Is The Newest Iphone Called iPhone 8 or iPhone 7s | Image Source : imore.com


What is the newest iPhone called won’t be as important as its features. Luckily, we got some fresh rumors about them in this section. According to latest reports, Apple has been using more than 10 prototypes to develop this special edition. First of all, the new iPhone will have pretty large storage. There are two capacities by the way, ranging from 64 GB to 256 GB. The dual-lens camera is also expected to be available for the next iPhone. The Apple A11 is also rumored to be applied as the processor. For the first time, wireless charging is now in Apple’s engineers’ mind seriously. The security is also being a major concern.

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