What Does An iPhone 4 Look Like For Those who Look For Older iPhone

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UnlockiPhone – It is kind of weird if you don’t know what does an iPhone 4 look like because it has been nearly six years after Steve Jobs took people attention in the WWDC keynote stage on June, 2010 ago, introducing this mobile phone. Overall, the iPhone 4 offered all new things in its generation such as camera, design and screen-resolution. At the moment, people thought that it was the hottest iPhone so far although it is kindly still hot in the lineup by the way. Anyway, we help you figuring out how it is through this article for sure. Check them all below.

What Does An iPhone 4 Look Like For Those who Look For Older iPhone

What Does An iPhone 4 Look Like For Those who Look For Older iPhone
What Does An iPhone 4 Look Like For Those who Look For Older iPhone | Image Source : goo.gl/di2QzZ


To describe what does an iPhone 4 look like, we start reviewing on the display. On the iPhone 4, the display is the most significant improvement that we could see among other iPhones in the same generation. As you can see, iPhone gave inter-plane switching and optical lamination to enhance the touchscreen as well. The LED backlighting also perfectly improves what we see on the display. Instead of increasing the display size, Apple brought 960×640 to replace 480×320. As a result, the density is also increased very well to be 326ppi. Overall, the display becomes the key features of iPhone 4.


Now, we are going to talk about the camera of iPhone 4. The rear camera is a 5 megapixels with 720p of video quality. Thanks to the manufacturer once again because Apple provided the rear camera with backside illuminated sensor or BSI plus an LED flash to complete the camera. But, it wasn’t complete enough without front camera. Luckily, Apple always listens to the trend. The first time of iPhone that has front camera was iPhone 4. Of course, Apple also styled it wholeheartedly with VGA resolution. They also launched FaceTime for video calling to other smartphone users.

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Processing Power

We shouldn’t only look at what does an iPhone 4 look like, but also the processing power inside the model. As you can predict, the processor is also more increased than the previous models. ARM Cortex A8 processor is the chip beneath its beautiful design. Meanwhile, the graphic chip is also the same PowerVR SGX535. Although it is similar in its generation, the chip combination was trustworthy from several years ago. Thanks to the better RAM management at 512mb. Meanwhile, Apple keeps selling the 16GB and 32GB storage. At the same time, the battery has higher power at 1420mAh. The powerhouse indicator has already been showed through this model.

What Does An iPhone 4 Look Like
What Does An iPhone 4 Look Like | Image Source : goo.gl/YYOyIA


After all, what does an iPhone 4 look like is pretty modern with bunches of increased features that was offered by Apple. Moreover, the competitors were still struggling to find their own path like Microsoft and Blackberry. It created much space for Apple in clapping its wing in the market scene. iPhone 4 became the big milestone of Apple to reach what they have right now since iPhone 7 has already been launched. We just couldn’t ignore how impressive iPhone 4 was because Apple wouldn’t get what they reach now without this model.

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