What Does A Iphone 5S Look Like with Pros and Cons

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UnlockiPhone – You are not going to see what does a iPhone 5s look like here, but also the complete review of the model that was released after the iPhone 5. For your information, the iPhone 5s is pretty old if we compare it with the latest iPhone 6 or even 7. Yeah, this phone is around two generations. In other words, it is an ancient iPhone right now. But, many people still look for this model for some reasons, and you are probably one of them. Without further ado, check out how it looks like below.

What Does A Iphone 5S Look Like with Pros and Cons

What Does A Iphone 5S Look Like
What Does A Iphone 5S Look Like | Image Source : goo.gl/2fVYm1


We start the article with pros or strength of iPhone 5s so that we can imagine what does a iPhone 5s look like. To be honest, the Touch ID is perfect. We should appreciate how Apple makes the 5s become different with the iPhone 5 and 5c significantly. Of course, the 5s is the first choice in the lineup instead of its sibling brothers. The next pros come from the all-round camera that you never see on the previous generation of iPhone. In addition, this phone doesn’t feel so heavy in our hand so that we can use for photography easily with its lightweight body.


If there are pros, there will be cons. It will describe more what does a iPhone 5s look like after we see both aspects of this phone. The battery always gives much issue for current smartphones these days including the iPhone 5s. Apple couldn’t provide better battery life to the phone. Instead, the battery is easily running out especially when we use the data connection simultaneously. In addition, the 4-inch screen cannot allow our finger to do some more activity. In other words, it is pretty small. Last but not least, the customers should pay extra penny to purchase higher storage.

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Let’s check out the features of iPhone 5s in this section. For your information, this phone boasts 4-inch Retina display, which was the best in other iPhone models before the new generation is coming out. Unlike iPhone 4 and lower, there is fingerprint unlocking system. It means that you can lock and unlock the screen with fingerprint system. In addition, Apple has already offered the 8-megapixel camera. It may be not the best in the class, but many people love what Apple gave with the camera somehow. The True-Tone LED flash is also offered through the 5s. Last but not least, the processor is an A7 Dual-core processor.


Now, we have shown what does a iPhone 5s look like. What do you think? Although it doesn’t have the same features with the newer model, iPhone 5s is really worth buying especially for those who don’t have much time to play with their device. In other words, modern and sophisticated iPhones are not always matched with the customers’ budget. Instead, they love something simpler and handy of the phone, which is priced at $211.95 with unlocked version. Overall, iPhone 5s shouldn’t hurt your wallet. With two-year contract, you only pay a few bucks left if the contract is ended.

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