What Colors Does The Iphone 6 Come In: 3 New Colors for You

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UnlockiPhone – What colors does the iPhone 6 come in might be the blow up of iPhone in the smartphone market. The reason is that the earlier generations like iPhone 5c, 4, and previous iPhone were only offered in two colors. They were black and white. However, Apple really knows the trend that is coming up right now. Otherwise, the new iPhone 6 come in more variant colors, gray, gold and silver. It increases the stylish iPhone variants as well. As a result, the customers are slight confused with their choices. Then below, we will guide you to choose what you want.

What Colors Does The Iphone 6 Come In: 3 New Colors for You

What Colors Does The Iphone 6 Come In
What Colors Does The Iphone 6 Come In | Image Source : bustle.com


The gold iPhone 6 was the first new color variant that came in instead of black and white. As usual, gold offers elegant and classy design to our iPhone. Many people love and admire the way of gold showing the glamorous and classiness design. For your information, the gold color combines with the front plate and white bands on the back segment. As a result, the bling colors are perfectly showing what we called tackiness these days. For your information, white color is stronger against any scratches rather than black color. That is why we prefer to use gold by the way.


We might notice that silver is somehow similar with the white color. But, it isn’t what colors does the iPhone 6 come in. Silver has its own character than the white for sure. Silver is a good complement to the gold color anyway. As same as the gold, the white band on its back and front plate enhance the iPhone look rather than just a white base color. For your information, the aluminum is available on the backplate by the way. It creates more contrast rather than white. As a result, the scratches won’t be a big deal for silver iPhone users.

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Space Gray

The space gray is the last color of what colors does the iPhone 6 come in. Although it reminds us about black color, it isn’t black color after all. Unlike the previous two colors, the front plate is a solid black color. Meanwhile, the back plate is completely grey with the aluminum. For your information, the space gray color doesn’t show complete black perfectly. It shows sleeker looks rather than silver and gold color. Moreover, it is pretty modern for young iPhone users. However, the scratches are the worst enemies of this color. It may hide the dirt but it can’t hide the scratch properly.

What Colors Does The Iphone 6 Come In 1
What Colors Does The Iphone 6 Come In 1 | Image Source : bustle.com


So, that is all what colors does the iPhone 6 come in. The new colors show off their own strengths and weaknesses. It is all depending on your favorite color by the way. Something that can catch up your eyes quickly may be the decision. If you think scratches matter, gold and silver can cover them up for you. Meanwhile, watching your favorite movies will offer great experience if you choose space gray. After all, iPhone 6 is coming with breaking the traditional colors of previous generations. It makes iPhone gets more variants obviously.

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