Best Places To Fix Iphone Screens Near Me That We Should Visit

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UnlockiPhone – There are several places to fix iPhone screens near me. If we added ‘near me’ on our article, it means that the nearest locations from your current place. Fixing iPhone screens sometimes don’t require much stuff or tools. In other words, you are even able to repair the broken screens. Broken screens are absolutely ruining our days when the busy days come. Of course, we will look for the best possibilities and places to bring back the iPhone in the best conditions. Don’t worry about it. We have the answers below.

Best Places To Fix Iphone Screens Near Me That We Should Visit

Best Places To Fix Iphone Screens Near Me That We Should Visit
Best Places To Fix Iphone Screens Near Me That We Should Visit | Image Source :


The first place that you should find before the screen is broken is AppleCare. It is the after-sales support package that becomes your savior in cutting the charge from the Apple Store. For your information, this support will give you back $100 for accidental damage in two years. Of course, this is very beneficial for fixing your iPhone screen. However, Apple will inspect the broken screen iPhone before deciding whether it deserves the replacement or not. We don’t suggest you using third party service if you have already purchased AppleCare because Apple engineers have eagle eyes to decide the phone has ever been used other services. Hence, it will cancel the AppleCare.

Apple Store

The perfect places to fix iPhone screens near me are the Apple Stores themselves. Look for their locations before considering the replacement or even the cracking accident comes. The Apple Store provides both in warranty or out-of-warranty services. If you have the warranty for the first-time, they will replace the screen only. Other damage may cost more charges. Meanwhile, out-of-warranty status will charge you without discount. It means you should fully pay the charge. Based on the site, Apple ranges the charge for fixing the screen from 129 to 269 USD.

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Using Third-Party Services

The next places to fix iPhone screens near me are to use third-party services. In other words, you trust some services outside the Apple Store. There are many third parties that offer their services in replacing the iPhone screens. But, you should know the risk because it will cancel any warranty from the Apple Store. We suggest using the third-party services if you own an older version or model of iPhone. They are such as iPhone 4 or 4s. Moreover, losing the warranty already can be a good idea as well. You also need to know what prices they offer. We usually found higher prices rather than what we got from Apple Store.

Places To Fix Iphone Screens Near Me
Places To Fix Iphone Screens Near Me | Image Source :

Do It Yourself

Lastly, the nearest places to fix iPhone screens near me are inside your home. It means that you can replace the screen by yourself. Although it may sound tricky, Apple set their model with easy configuration anyway. What you need is screwdriver and the new screen that you bought before. Based on our readers, the iPhone 5S has easier replacement method than lower models. However, this method might cost you more expensive prices of screen. It is still worth it, tough. If you have a friend who is familiar with smartphone stuff, you can rely on him.

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