Is Straight Talk Iphone 5S Unlocked and Reasons You Have to Use It

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UnlockiPhone – Is Straight Talk iPhone 5s unlocked? This is a question for those who are confused with the data plan especially in the United States. As we know, there are many wireless carriers these days in America. However, not all of them provide cheap and good quality to the customers. Hence, they ask such question to their friends, families, colleagues, etc. You need to know this since many of you ask us about how to save money on an iPhone with cheap data plan. All you get is here. Read on until you come across the reasons below.

Is Straight Talk Iphone 5S Unlocked and Reasons You Have to Use It

Is Straight Talk Iphone 5S Unlocked and Reasons You Have to Use It
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You Can Save Much

For your information, it doesn’t matter that is Straight Talk iPhone 5s unlocked or not because the monthly plan only costs for $45. It includes the unlimited calls and texts and some limitations on the data connection. However, it does have the same coverage like other major carriers such as Sprint, Verizon, Sprint and many more. In other words, you can save much money with this carrier rather than other carriers, which provide higher monthly payment. Moreover, the iPhone 5s price was the same with the AT&T offerings at $649. Hence, it becomes our top choice between so many offerings from major wireless carrier in the United States.


Perhaps, this is the most reason why Straight Talk should be on your list of iPhone carrier. It does work on 4G LTE data connection now. So, you won’t have any worry to check the speed because it does offer the same connection with big name carriers in the U.S. For your information, this is the fastest internet connection in the world so far. The download speed ranges from 5 to 12 Mbps, while upload speed at 3 to 5 Mbps. This speed is pretty good for iPhone users who love streaming video or watch some movies through their device.

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Same Network

We have already mentioned about this benefit recently. But, it is used to be elaborated more in order to answer “is Straight Talk iPhone 5s unlocked?” Okay, let’s face it together about the fact regarding to the same network. For your information, the Straight Talk iPhone 5s integrates to the same connections of major carriers. It means that the connection won’t be at poor quality, although the price is lower than them. Let’s say that AT&T coverage is the widest in the U.S. The 4G LTE of Straight Talk also grows in the same towers of that major carrier.


So, you may infer that Straight Talk iPhone 5s is cheap but good at the coverage now. In other words, it is almost the same with the unlocked version of iPhone 5s that allows you to use other carriers, which is more expensive than Straight Talk. Yeah, this carrier does the same thing of other big carriers, although it isn’t unlocked. There is nothing to lose after all. Instead, you just need to pay cheaper price than others. Is Straight Talk iPhone 5s unlocked? It doesn’t matter anymore since it offers the same coverage and connection.

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