How To Hook Up Your Iphone To Your Tv

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UnlockiPhone – We will teach you how to hook up your iPhone to your TV. Luckily, it pretty easy to connect both devices and everyone can even do it by himself. Thanks to the manufacturer that always gives easiness for their customers. In this article, we start the method from the easiest to the most complicated ways. Hence, please be ready to read the entire instructions guys.

How To Hook Up Your Iphone To Your Tv

How To Hook Up Your Iphone To Your Tv
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The first way how to hook up your iPhone to Your TV is to connect it with the cable. The cable here refers to the Apple’s Digital AV adapter that you can buy on the Apple Store or other smartphone stores. How it works is just to plug in the cable to your iPhone and same goes to your TV through HDMI port. Of course, you also need an HDMI cable to connect the adapter with the TV. For your information, there are two types of Digital AV adapter on the stores. Ensure you know your iPhone model first because the older model should have connected with 30-pin ports of the adapter. Meanwhile, another type is for Lightning devices. First off, connect the adapter to your iPhone. Afterwards, you should connect the adapter to the HDMI cable. Lastly, connect the HDMI cable to the TV. You will see the duplicate display on the TV screen soon. The iPhone 4s or later will provide you 1080p HD.

Apple TV

The next way how to hook up your iPhone to Your TV is via Apple TV. This one is easiest way to integrate both devices because there will be no messy cable or wire between both. Apple TV is a media extender of Apple. You can easily find on the store. To make both works perfectly, you should connect your iPhone to a home Wi-Fi network. Set the Apple TV up in the same network. Check you iPhone once again after both devices in the same network by swiping the Airplay option. Then, choose the Apple TV and you will see the screen streams what is on your iPhone screen. However, this method might be not working well if you lived in crowded Wi-Fi environments. If this happens, the cable method is preferred.

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Android TV Stick

Last but not least, we got Android TV stick to connect our lovely iPhone with TV. For your information, this is the most complicated one by the way. Yeah, it may sound hackerish way because you need to buy Android powered TV stick firstly. Secondly, plug it at the back of your TV. Then, download the app called Kodi media server app on the app store. Then, the stick will stream through the apps in your phone directly and unprotected. Based on our experience, this last method is buggy and very slow than other method. Thus, we don’t suggest using this method. At last but not least, that is all ways how to hook up your iPhone to your TV. It starts with the easiest into the hardest ways. Hope you can see some Netflix, videos, or musics with them.

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