How Much Is It To Fix An Iphone 5S Screen and Guide

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UnlockiPhone – How much is it to fix an iPhone 5S screen? You are in right time and place because we will talk about it today. As we know, iPhone 5S is one of the best model of iPhone so far because Apple has showed its passion to bring new generation to their flagship. Yes, iPhone 5 became the beginning of modern features that has been shown by Apple. It is the pioneer of sophisticated things that we have seen until this far. That is why we still love iPhone 5 no matter what, including how to maintain the broken screen.

How Much Is It To Fix An Iphone 5S Screen and Guide

How Much Is It To Fix An Iphone 5S Screen and Guide
How Much Is It To Fix An Iphone 5S Screen and Guide | Image Source :

The Prices

We are directly to the point of how much is it to fix an iPhone 5S screen. Based on the Apple website, the primary damage on the screen will charge the owners for $129. This is the normal fee without any warranty from AppleCare+. If you still have the warranty or AppleCare+, you just need to pay $29. Of course, it is far than what you think before, isn’t it? So, it is important to keep the warranty by avoiding the repair service from third party. Meanwhile, other damage may cost the customers for $269. With the warranty, it is reduced to $99 only. No matter what, keeping the warranty is the vital thing for iPhone users.

Why iPhone 5S

After knowing how much is it to fix an iPhone 5S screen, you should know some reasons why iPhone 5S deserves to be your primary or secondary smartphone. First of all, it is the first iPhone that uses 64bit dual-core processor. And previous generation didn’t use it before iPhone 5. Of course, the performance is doubled down by Apple significantly. Secondly, this is also the first iPhone that provides fingerprint sensor. Nobody don’t want to try his fingerprint on his smartphone, does he? The third reason is that Apple gave aluminum housing to the s version and iPhone 5s is also included. Last but not least, the camera is superior in the class with 8 megapixels.

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What to Do if the Screen is Broken

To make sure you also know what to do beside of how much is it to fix an iPhone 5s screen, we also give you the guide when the screen of your iPhone is broken. Once it happened, please don’t panic because it doesn’t change anything. Instead, keep calm and find the nearest Apple Store in your current location. This is important especially when you still have the warranty or AppleCare+. On other hand, open your laptop and check the online service if necessary. Then, go to the Apple Store that you have found out the location. Register your phone and let the genius engineer of Apple does his job.


How much is it to fix an iPhone 5s screen depends on several circumstances. Firstly, check the warranty of your iPhone. If you still have it, go for it and receive the cheapest cost. Otherwise, repairing without any warranty may cost expensive price instead. Also remember several tips when your iPhone screen is broken.

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