How Much Is A New Iphone 6 and The Fact Behind It

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UnlockiPhone – The question of how much is a new iPhone 6 might come across the stuck way when the customers realize that what Apple said on the website isn’t match with the fact on the field especially after the major carriers in the United States were involved. In other words, the price may vary based on the carrier offerings to the consumers. Before we are going too far, Apple showed the price of the new iPhone 6 based on the storage. The entry-level 16 GB started at $199. The higher capacity, the more you have to pay. But, the gap between capacity was only $100 each storage.

How Much Is A New Iphone 6 and The Fact Behind It

How Much Is A New Iphone 6
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Before We Start

What you have read on the previous paragraph isn’t the actual how much is a new iPhone 6. We don’t want to blame at Apple directly by the way. But, we prefer telling the total cost that you should pay instead. Those prices or costs are more appropriate to represent the upfront payment that the customers must pay if they start choosing two-year contract. There are some hidden costs that you cannot figure out easily without some deep research. As we know, the smartphone market is offering two-year contract deal recently. Although the better deals start appearing in the market, people just get stuck in the contract.

How Much Is It

It is a brief overview of how much is a new iPhone 6 and what is happening now in the smartphone buying game. Now, let’s go back to the business. If you start looking for the new iPhone 6, you have to know the down payment of each model. The first entry-level 16GB storage starts the down payment price tag at $199.99 or $200. Meanwhile, the mid-tier 64GB iPhone 6 starts the down-payment at $300. Last but not least, the 128GB went the price up to $400. Please remember that those prices are the down payment only, which means that the consumers still have some money to pay. Another reminder is that those prices were even more expensive than you just lay out with outright purchasing.

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The Fact

Isn’t confusing? That is the way of the carriers to make you confuse by the way. How much is a new iPhone 6 is significantly higher than how much is it with outright buying. You buy the iPhone outright means that you pay the full price without any contract. Instead, the used one is preferably. But, our topic is about new iPhone 6 whatsoever. That is the fact that you have to face as the customers. Don’t be lazy in researching what you have to pay.


In conclusion, you as smart consumers have to do some research first before purchasing the iPhone and even everything. It helps you to understand the marketing game in smartphone business out there. Outright purchasing may seem expensive at the beginning. However, it does offer some discount after several months. You can calculate the differences between outright and contract payments by totaling how much you have to pay for both. Of course, knowing how much is a new iPhone 6 is necessary too before it’s too late for you to come back.

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