How Much Is A iPhone 5S At T Mobile in 2017 New and Used Prices

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UnlockiPhone – How much is a iPhone 5s at T Mobile right now may be your main question when you are looking for the best 5S. For your information, T-Mobile is one of the big brands in telecommunication. Moreover, this Germany Company also offers contract-free with cheap price. In this article, we will show you some price details based on the latest information from trusted site. Hopefully, you are able to catch the point and then check your current budget before purchasing or shipping it out to your home. Without further ado, let’s go to the first iPhone 5S storage.

How Much Is A iPhone 5S At T Mobile in 2017 New and Used Prices

How Much Is A Iphone 5S At T Mobile
How Much Is A Iphone 5S At T Mobile | Image Source :

16 GB iPhone 5S

First off, how much is a iPhone 5S at T Mobile according to the base or standard capacity at 16 GB. The good condition, which is still functioned very well although there are a few scratches, starts at $145 with gold color. Meanwhile, the certified version costs for $203 that has been tested and ready to use. The silver color is priced at $118 while the certified one is set at $181. Lastly, the black color is more expensive. The new space gray color iPhone 6 with 16GB capacity has been priced at $306. So, there are three colors available with different price range.

32GB iPhone 5S

Then, we are going to the higher capacity. How much is a iPhone 5S at T Mobile with this storage? The used gold iPhone 5S but it is already certified and tested by the staff is priced at $206. The silver color with the same certified status has lower price at $172. Meanwhile, the good condition of space gray color starts at $215. The certified model is only priced one dollar higher than the good condition. We haven’t found the new condition of this capacity by the way. But, all items include the charging accessories.

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64GB iPhone 5S

The last and highest capacity in the iPhone 5S lineup is 64GB storage. The price of certified and gold iPhone 5S starts at $241. For the used but still in good condition, the T-Mobile carrier has a price at $291. Last but not least, the space gray color is only available in good condition that is priced at $274. The 64GB version is the most expensive than the other two versions because it is the largest capacity in the lineup.

How Much Is A Iphone 5S At T Mobile 1
How Much Is A Iphone 5S At T Mobile 1 | Image Source :


That is all prices of how much is a iPhone 5S at T Mobile that we have summarized for you all based on the newest price in 2017. All iPhone 5S has 4.9″ x 2.3″ x 0.3 of dimension and 326 ppi of display. Although it was released in 2013, iPhone 5S offers futuristic design as modern smartphone. Moreover, it has faster processor inside, the A7 chip, which gives more performances for the graphics and CPU than A6 chip. Moreover, it is the first smartphone that uses 64-bit display in the world. The M7 coprocessor is also available in iPhone 5S. It is the best mate for the A7 chip for sure. It is very reasonable why people look for the iPhone 5S.

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