How Much Do A Iphone 6 Cost with Unlocked Version

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UnlockiPhone – We don’t only show you how much do a Iphone 6 cost, but also everything that you need to know about this phone. iPhone 6 isn’t too old for modern users these days. Thanks to the best features that are offered by Apple so far. In this article, we shouldn’t talk about the sophisticated iPhone 7 and its brother. Instead, we will talk all about the features of iPhone 6. Moreover, the prices of it will be also our main concern here so that you will know how much is it on the store at the moment.

How Much Do A Iphone 6 Cost with Unlocked Version

How Much Do A Iphone 6 Cost
How Much Do A Iphone 6 Cost | Image Source :

Unlocked iPhone

We usually see an iPhone mated with some wireless carrier directly from the store. It means that the buyers are in contract with the carrier. Mostly, those companies offer two-year contract. In other words, the users have to pay the data plan monthly until they reach two-year contract. After that, they are free to choose the same carrier or others. Meanwhile, unlocked iPhone means that the iPhone is free from the beginning without any carrier. Of course, the retailers may increase the price for some reasons. This is a common thing anyway. iPhone 6 with unlocked version doesn’t integrate with any carrier yet.


When we talk about how much do A iPhone 6 cost, we cannot separate it with the storage or capacity that you want to choose and where you want to buy the iPhone. To make it simpler, we divided them into several retailers.


First off, Amazon is one of largest retailers both in the virtual and real worlds. For an unlocked iPhone 6 with 16 GB storage, the price is at $245. Meanwhile, the 32 GB is set at $269. Lastly, the 128 GB is started at $293. All iPhone 6 on Amazon only have gray color by the way. Those prices are a bit more expensive from other retailers. But, we really know the quality that is offered by Amazon, don’t we?


The next one is Gazelle. We love this retailer since they offer all iPhone in all colors. In other words, we can choose our favorite colors easily here. Moreover, they also set the cheaper prices rather than the others. For instance, the unlocked 16GB iPhone 6 is priced at $160. At the same time, the 32GB has been offered with $168 of price. Last but not least, how much do a iPhone 6 cost with 128 GB is $170.

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Our next retailer is called NextWorth. They also sell the iPhone 6 in all colors as same as Gazelle. The first price is $189 for an unlocked iPhone 6 with 16GB of capacity. Secondly, they have 32GB unlocked iPhone 6 for $217. Lastly, the 128 GB unlocked is priced at $234.

How Much Do A Iphone 6 Cost with Unlocked Version
How Much Do A Iphone 6 Cost with Unlocked Version | Image Source :


That is how much do a iPhone 6 cost with unlocked version. The most expensive prices belong to Amazon, while the cheapest belongs to Gazelle. It is all up to you know to choose your best retailer in selling the iPhone. We got the prices based on the official sites.

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