How Much Are iPhone 6 Plus Unlocked on Amazon

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UnlockiPhone – How much are iPhone 6 Plus will be answered right here right now. Moreover, we took the freshest price from the largest retailer in the world, Amazon. The price was taken on March, 2017 as same as the article was written. The release date of iPhone 6 Plus was on September 9, 2014 ago. The manufacturer, Apple, surprised the iPhone enthusiasts by releasing iPhone 6 alongside its cousin iPhone 6 Plus. To be honest, both new iPhones are altered so much from the previous generations. Of course, people love the enhancements of iPhone 6 since it shows better graphics, processor, camera, and many more. Unlocked version means you can use any wireless carrier or GSM with 4G LTE connection.

How Much Are iPhone 6 Plus Unlocked on Amazon

How Much Are iPhone 6 Plus Unlocked on Amazon
How Much Are iPhone 6 Plus Unlocked on Amazon

16 GB Storage

The first list of how much are iPhone 6 Plus is 16 GB storage iPhone 6 Plus. The phone is covered in gold color. Amazon shows the price at $519.95. The silver color has lower price instead that is only for $469. Lastly, the space gray color is the cheapest one in the lineup. You just need to bring it home for $454. For your information, the iPhone 6 Plus offers Retina HD display. The resolution reaches 1920×1080 at 440 pixels per inch, which is better than previous generation. Moreover, accurate colors are also achieved by dual domain pixels.

64 GB Storage

Coming with higher capacity, the next how much are iPhone 6 Plus list will show you the prices of 64 GB Storage iPhone 6 Plus. The gold color has the price of $619, while the silver is set for $528. As usual, space gray has lowest price at $438. The iPhone 6 Plus is powered by A8 processor chip, which is the successor of A7 chip on the previous generation. Based on reviewers’ report, the model has fifty times faster CPU as well. As a result, this phone can be used continuously thanks to the powerhouse potential that Apple has implemented to this phone.

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128 GB Storage

This is the largest capacity of iPhone 6 Plus has. The higher storage, the more expensive you have to pay. According to the site, the gold color is priced at $670, the silver color at $594 and, the space gray at $596. The A8 processor chip isn’t alone inside the phone. There is a coprocessor called M8 that has important function at monitoring the collected data such as compass, gyroscope and many more. In other words, this coprocessor chip does something details in collecting the data of the iPhone.

How Much Are iPhone 6 Plus
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How much are iPhone 6 Plus has been answered above by dividing into three storage capacities. For your information, the iPhone 6 Plus also got fresh and improved specs rather than the previous iPhones have ever been made. The camera is 8 megapixels with auto focus and dual LED flash. In addition, the front camera has 1.2 MP. For the comparison with the iPhone 6, the 6 Plus has higher capacity and batter life. We do prefer to purchase the plus because you just need to add a few dollars in getting the 6 Plus. After all, happy shopping with the new iPhone 6 Plus.

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