How Many Megapixels Is The Iphone 6 and Why It Is Better than Other

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UnlockiPhone – We are not going to show you how many megapixels is the iPhone 6, but also review the camera for you today. As we know, iPhone 6 is still popular these days although it sits next to its little brother, iPhone 7. Many people are amazed with the 8 megapixels of iPhone camera. Since smartphone becomes the most demanded thing in photography rather than the professional camera like DSLR or something like that in fact, the photographers do love the smartphone camera including what Apple offers in iPhone 6. To answer this question, let’s take a look to our opinion below.

How Many Megapixels Is The Iphone 6 and Why It Is Better than Other

How Many Megapixels Is The Iphone 6
How Many Megapixels Is The Iphone 6


Let’s discuss what is obvious first. How many megapixels is the iPhone 6? It is geared with 8 megapixels and labeled with iSight camera. In addition, the dual LED flash on the rear is enough to provide good photos in the dark. Meanwhile, the front camera is a 1.2 megapixels for selfie. Although there will be more pixels on professional cameras or even other major smartphone manufacturer like Samsung and LG, people agree that iPhone 6 is the pioneer of modern smartphone technology. Many competitors do the same what Apple did here. What do you think now after knowing the pixels of iPhone 6?

Pixels Don’t Matter

How many megapixels is the iPhone 6 doesn’t make Apple feel inferior in the class. Yeah, we know 8-megapixel camera is even lower than LG G3 camera with 13 megapixels. In addition, Samsung also owns higher camera on their Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4, which are 16 megapixels. But, how come iPhone 6 camera becomes the superior in the class. As we see on the field, pixels don’t matter too much. The detail on the higher pixels is only one of thousand aspects that influence people’s choice in iPhone 6. Apple does the difference through the 1.5-micron pixels that are higher than conventional smartphone camera even for higher pixels. They just have 1.1-micron pixels. Moreover, this developer also gave dual-core chip instead of following the trend with quad-core.

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What Makes It Better

To know what makes iPhone 6 camera is better although how many megapixels is the iPhone 6 doesn’t even defeat other rivals, you should check how fast and easy to take a photo from this 8-megapixel camera. The simplicity is yours when there is a perfect moment that you won’t miss. Just couple tap and you took it into photos. That is the benefit of simple and less-pixel camera of iPhone 6. In other words, Apple does care with user-friendliness that makes it matter in the people’s mind. According to some sites, iPhone 6 camera is the quickest smartphone camera in the world. The user just need to swipe the lockscreen and it is ready to shoot. For your information, this speed is thirty percent faster than Note 4.


Now, you know how many megapixels is the iPhone 6, don’t you? It doesn’t matter whether the pixels are lowest in the competition but Apple just knows how to improve other aspects that the rivals cannot do perfectly.

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