Does Metropcs Support Iphones: Things You Should Know

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UnlockiPhone – Does MetroPcs support iPhones? Not all iPhone users know about this question. First off, you have to know what MetroPcs is. For your information, it is one of popular prepaid wireless that is available in the United States. In addition, it is also part of T-Mobile US, Inc. It should be a common issue for iPhone users who cannot use the simcard from MetroPCS because their iPhone isn’t unlocked yet. The next question appears when you don’t know the unlocked iPhone. An unlocked iPhone means that the sim on the iPhone is free to use any provider including MetroPCS.

Does Metropcs Support Iphones: Things You Should Know

Does Metropcs Support Iphones
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 How to Use MetroPCS?

The question, does MetroPCS support iPhones, offers several answers depending on what perspective you are in right now. On a side, it is pretty sure that MetroPCS doesn’t support any iPhone types since the users or customers find no service network once they install the simcard on their iPhone. As a result, those users will use other broadband or providers for their phone. For your information, there is a useful way to make the MetroPCS works perfectly on iPhones. The only way is to unlock the iPhone so that it will be free from locked simcards. Hence, you can use MetroPCS cards whenever you want to.

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How to Unlock iPhone?

Another question beside of does MetroPCS support iPhones or not is how to unlock the iPhone. It is simple. You just need to follow these instructions. Firstly, you need to check whether or not your iPhone carrier is available with unlocking. Secondly, contact the carrier and ask an unlocking request to them. Once again, you have to make sure that the carrier is offering the unlocking. Submitting the request doesn’t take much time. However, waiting the confirmations may take a few days ahead. Keep checking the request’s status by contacting your carrier.

After you received confirmation from your carrier, you can now follow these following instructions/ the first step is to remove the current simcard on your iPhone. Afterwards, you can insert the new one. The new one refers to the MetroPCS simcard. LFor your information, the new MetroPCS sim card price is around $10. If you are a new customer of MetroPCS, you should pay your first month membership. Lastly, you should set up the new simcard as same as you just purchase a new iPhone on your hand. It is quick and easy, isn’t it?

Does Metropcs Support Iphones 1
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Why MetroPCS

Of course, you may ask yourself why you should use MetroPCS. This is also related with the question, does MetroPCS support iPhones. MetroPCS will offer the new customers with three data plans. They are $60, $50, and $40. Each plan has differences on how much 4G data connection that you can use. It is all up to you by the way. For your information, first generation iPhones like iPhone 1st gen, iPhone 3g, iPhone 3Gs, etc. only get 3G and 3G+ connection. Meanwhile, upper iPhones like iPhone 5 above is able to offer 4G data connection. That is why many people are looking for MetroPCS because of its flexibility and 4G LTE connection.

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