Does Metropcs Have Iphones: Here Is Our Thought So Far

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UnlockiPhone – Some people keep asking us that does MetroPCS have iPhones, and it does annoy us because the answer is literally very obvious. Yes, MetroPCS does have iPhones. However, not all iPhones can be found on this subsidiary of T-Mobile. For your information, this company is the alternative or secondary choice for prepaid wireless carrier in the United States. Although it was founded in 2013, MetroPCS has launched the iPhone models for the first time. In other words, it would not be a secret anymore for the MetroPCS that they start thinking about this Apple’s product since so many people love it.

Does Metropcs Have Iphones: Here Is Our Thought So Far

Does Metropcs Have Iphones
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What is It

To answer the question does MetroPCS have iPhones, we would define what it is from the beginning firstly. For your information, MetroPCS is the main brand of one of major carrier in the United States, T-Mobile US, Inc. So, it offers prepaid wireless connection that includes unlimited talk, text and data plans. In other words, it is such a wireless provider in the U.S. Uniquely, MetroPCS does include the taxes and regulatory cost on their monthly data plans. This is a traditional way in having iPhone because no contract method within it. As a result, the data plans become cheaper and affordable for the iPhone owners.

What iPhones Does They Have

We also convince you whether or not does MetroPCS have iPhones by showing what iPhone models that they start selling this year. First of all, MetroPCS was kind of late in having and offering iPhone models. Instead, this provider offered iPhone 6s and 6s Plus as their starting point to the United States customers. The price tag started at $649 for the 6s and $749 for the 6s Plus. In addition, they do offer lower version of iPhone. For example, the iPhone SE is priced at $349 and the cheapest one is the iPhone 5s with $199 price tag.

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Why It Is So Late

T-Mobile has had they intention from so long ago to offer iPhone models in market scene. In addition, they also felt very interestingly to add an iPhone for their un-carrier services, MetroPCS. However, this intention was just realized when Apple launched the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus to the market. Overall, we only got that saying from T-Mobile. They kept the secret why their move is quite late in the market scene so far. But, it is obvious that the company has proper strategy in providing iPhone models for their lineups and data plans. We just don’t see it clearly, tough. But, the result is pretty obvious.


Does MetroPCS have iPhones? Yes, they have but it is overly late. While other carriers provide two-year contract to the customers, we really appreciate with what MetroPCS did these days. They are bravely coming with alternative iPhone payments that don’t incriminate the buyers who are in a budget but still want to have iPhone as their smartphone. The affordable and frugal iPhone can be gained with more traditional ways without omitting the taxes as well. This provider just increases the wing of Apple in selling iPhones overseas especially in America.

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