Does Cricket Have Iphones and Why You Should Buy From Them

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UnlockiPhone – If you think about does Cricket have iPhones, then the answer must be found by yourself because they provide several models from this Apple product. However, we don’t want to elaborate them one by one in this article. Instead, we want to convince you that Cricket offers many benefits for us as pre-customers of iPhone. Moreover, we do concern with only one model here and the lucky one is the iPhone 6s since Cricket announced that they start selling this iPhone model these days. There are plenty reasons why we should pick this model and one of them is because of its awesome camera and other features.

Does Cricket Have Iphones and Why You Should Buy From Them

Does Cricket Have Iphones
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What is Cricket

You might be better to know this company furthermore. For your information, Cricket is a subsidiary of major wireless company in the U.S, AT&T. Of course, you may know that company. Cricket isn’t other wireless carrier. Instead, people know this company because of its cheaper plans for wireless connection. Perhaps, this is the reason why people keep asking does Cricket have iPhones because of its cheapness and smart plans. In addition, this subsidiary company uses the same coverage with its main company, AT&T. So, there will be no problem for you in using their coverage.

Three Plans Only

There are three plans that are available for the customers of Cricket. Because of its simple plans, people won’t be confused with them and understanding easily instead. They are Basic, Smart and Pro. The Basic package offers 2.5 GB for month with $40. Meanwhile, the Smart package provides the customers with 5 GB data for $50. Last but not least, the Pro plan will give 10GB per month for $60. Of course, those plans are the best for our iPhone. The Basic plan is actually more than enough by the way. Moreover, Cricket also cuts 5 dollars for this plan if the users use the auto pay service.

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As you can see on the previous section, the Cricket data plans are cheap. If you compare it with other wireless carriers, what Cricket offers is cheaper. For instance, the data plan from Verizon offers the total payment in two years for $3,696. Meanwhile, Cricket offers cheaper prices at $3,000. The comparison is almost $700. In addition, the plans are more useful when you purchase the iPhone 6s from Cricket. They may give you some discounts significantly. It clearly answer does Cricket have iPhones, isn’t it?


It is clearly answering what you asked before. Does Cricket have iPhones? Yes, it does have iPhone 6s with simple and cheap data plans that offers many benefits for the users. Moreover, the coverage is also pretty wide under its min company. The worth savings are also achieved if you activate the auto-pay function from the beginning. Cricket will cut the monthly cost for five dollars. Overall, Cricket can be your best iPhone friend since the price are cheap and has easy-to-follow data plans. For your information, this company also wants to offer the newest iPhone models soon. Thus, you should keep up to date with our site.

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