Does Boost Mobile Sell Iphones: See the Answer Here

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UnlockiPhone – If you are asking us does Boost Mobile sell iPhones, the answer is definitely yes. However, this wireless telecommunications carrier doesn’t sell the used or even older generations of iPhones. Instead, it focuses on the newest flagships from the manufacturer, Apple, such as iPhone 5s to iPhone 7. It is understandable to ask this question since Boost Mobile is one of major wireless in the United States and even Australia. In this article, we would like to share about our results in collecting the data from Boost Mobile regarding to the iPhone search. Without further ado, let’s start from the oldest one first.

Does Boost Mobile Sell Iphones: See the Answer Here

Does Boost Mobile Sell Iphones See the Answer Here
Does Boost Mobile Sell Iphones See the Answer Here | Image Source :

iPhone 5s

The first iPhone that we found to answer the question, does Boost Mobile sell iPhones, is iPhone 5s. We were slightly surprised with the result that we got from the site. It shows the price at $99. Wow! Moreover, you can free ship it to anywhere in the U.S. For your information, the customers will get $200 off as promotional discounts. The original or retail price is at $299. For your information, the iPhone 5s was a good start from iPhone to follow the trend. Using 4-inch Retina display is enough to compete and even out top the competitors in the smartphone class several years ago. There is no other older iPhone except 5s in Boost Mobile.

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

The next iPhone on the site is iPhone 6s. For your information, Boost Mobile doesn’t divide the price based on the colors. That is another reason why you should buy from this site. Back to the topic, iPhone 6s with 32 GB storage and any color is priced only $349.99 including the promotional discount $200. The retail price is $549.00. Make sure you won’t miss it now. As usual, Apple kept the Retina HD to the new iPhone model. The iPhone 6s has 4.7-inch that is larger than 5s. Moreover, the 3D touch is also available in this lineup. The higher capacity, 128GB, is set at $449.99 with same promotional discount. Boost Mobile also offers the iPhone 6s Plus 32GB storage, which is priced at $449.99 with discount, while the 128GB starts at $549.99 plus discount as well.

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iPhone SE

The iPhone SE also answer the question does Boost Mobile sell iPhones. This is the next iPhone that we found. The price of 128GB starts from $179.99 with $220.00 of promotional discount. Meanwhile, the 64GB capacity is priced at $229.99. There are 4 colors available like gold, gray, rose gold and silver.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

This is the newest iPhone that you can find on other retailer websites all over the world and Boost Mobile does sell them too on their site. Starting from the iPhone 7 32GB capacity, it is priced at $449.99. The 128GB capacity is set for $549.99, and the 256GB is at $649.99. All of them have already included promotional discount $200.00. Meanwhile, the 7 Plus starts the 32GB price at $569.99, 128GB at $669.99, and 256GB at $769.99. The color variants are plentiful. It is ranging from black, gold, jet black, red, rose gold and silver. Does Boost Mobile sell iPhones? Yes, it does.

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