Do Cricket Have Iphones and Here is The Answer

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UnlockiPhone – Many people ask us whether or not do Cricket have iPhones. The answer is yes this wireless provider does have iPhones. For your information, the selling was started in September, 2015 ago. And the lucky iPhones that are able to use this broadband is iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. You need to know that Cricket is a subsidiary of AT&T. Those people may not know their iPhones don’t support the provider so that they keep asking whether it has or not. In this article, we would like to show everything that you should know about Cricket and iPhones. Since both things are important elements, it is a must for you to understand every fact about them.

Do Cricket Have Iphones and Here is The Answer

Do Cricket Have Iphones
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Why Cricket

Perhaps, the people who ask, do Cricket have iPhones, still wonder why we should pick Cricket wireless as the main operator or provider. The reason is only one and it is because this subsidiary offers no contract mobile phone plans. As we know, many wireless providers do limit the internet usage from the customers. As a result, they keep finding the best wireless providers within the carrier. Then, the Cricket is one of the best choices that you have. Cricket offers unlimited voice and text based on certain number of 4G LTE connection. The range starts from 2.5 GB to 10 GB every month. Moreover, it is a prepaid that means you can pay it upfront.

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Do Cricket have iPhones? Yes, Cricket do have iPhones and they are selling iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s in the United States. For your information, the starting price of those iPhones starts at $650 to $750. Meanwhile, the Cricket data plans start from $40 every month. If you are lucky as auto payment members, you will have a discount so that you just need to pay for $35. Once you are joining the membership, you will be able to join in Cricket’s LTE network. There are more than 300 million people who are in the nationwide coverage right now.


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The subsidiary of AT&T, Cricket, has many competitors in providing the wireless data connection especially in the United States. The tough competitors are T-Mobile’s MetroPCS, Sprint’s Boost Mobile and many more. All of those competitors also offer prepaid and contract free plans for the customers. That is why many American who use iPhone are looking for the best carrier for their smartphone. Moreover, this contract-free plan is also a common thing among them. If it is a common thing, why should you choose Cricket then?


To answer do Cricket have iPhones and why you should choose it anyway, we have summarized the benefits that you can receive through this wireless provider. First of all, Cricket wireless does include the taxes and additional fees into single payment that you can see on the price. Thus, there will be no other additional cost if you should pay $40. Secondly, other competitors are too busy in offering the cheapest wireless connection per month, whereas customers are confused with the payment systems and additional fees. Otherwise, Cricket wireless offers simpler payment method without confusing its customers.

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